Michael Carl

Michael Carl is futurist, scientist, keynote speaker, journalist, author, futurologist, theologian. The future of health is my passion – in business, medicine and care. Even more: the future image of man and his body.

Michael Carl Speaker

After several years at Europe’s largest independent future research institute, the 2bAHEAD ThinkTank, I founded my own research institute in Leipzig: The carl institute for human future. This creates a space for researching exponential change in the healthcare industry. Several powerful drivers have an effect here: The digitization  with the connectedness of almost every aspect of our private and professional lives, the increase of data in quality and quantity, the explosion of expert knowledge, the performance of artificial intelligence systems, the knowledge of genetics and neurology – and the list is just beginning.

The result is a vision of the future of health that differs fundamentally from our current image. Let’s reinvent the industry!

Here I would like to share thoughts, impulses and inspirations with you. Let me know what you think!

Michael Carl as a speaker.

Michael Carl speaking at Creating Urban Tech