Devastating Result of the 2020 EPatient Survey

The EPatient Survey is an at least reasonably representative online study on the state of digital health in Germany and, above all, on the use of digital health services by patients. In other words: customers. That is positive, we can learn something from that. Alexander Schachinger and his team have just presented the 2020 results. Learning: It is a tragedy.

A highlight: The use of online consultation hours with doctors has tripled. Sounds good. The percentage of patients who used the online consultation hour has increased from 0.7% to 2%. So the trivial realization must be: The online consultation does not take place. It is a chimera. The fact that the survey period included the beginning of the corona pandemic only reinforces this interpretation.

The head of the study sees a “large increase” here. The digital entrepreneur and co-founder of the Spitzenverband Digitale Gesundheitsversorgung, Diana Heinrichs, commented on today’s digital press conference: “The result is devastating”.

Julia Hagen from the Federal Ministry of Health reported from workshops with doctors on health tips and their use in consultation and treatment. A formative impression: the doctors were mostly in a positive mood, but feared overtime. The interested observer asks himself: Yes, what else? The example of Amazon and its uncompromising simplicity of operation, which was also quoted in the press conference, is the result of extraordinarily hard work. The EPatient Survey says: “People want simple and useful health apps, but there is currently no relevant use for them, at least not for the apps that the legislator has on the screen.“ One commernt: One must urge the pharmaceutical assistants to address the customers actively on health related apps. Whether we could at least overtake the educational system in terms of digitalisation, the moderator of the press conference asked. The choice of goals also says something about one’s own ambitions.

So what is most saddening here? The findings that have basically only underpinned an unpleasant premonition with new data – or the reaction to it? Please make your own decision.

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