Corona: Not a lie, … but a trap

Never before has healthcare been so fast. From a local viral infection in China to a multi-billion dollar pan-European donor conference in just a few months. We could almost believe that the future of medicine is being decided in the international competition for the first vaccine against corona. The Corona App will help us to digitize health care. And the ethics committee is dealing with the compulsory vaccination. Everyone is already happy, or at least busy. And trapped.

Systems tend to be self-preserving. This basic truth from the systemic consultation will prove true in the coming months using the example of Corona. The system has set up a simple but tempting trap for us. It follows a simple dramaturgy:

  • We were able to develop, test and produce a vaccine in a very short time. This proves the efficiency of our health system, Research Department.
  • We were able to ensure at all times that sufficient free capacity was available in intensive care medicine. This proves the efficiency of our health system, Department of Stationary Medicine.
  • We now have a health care app, with/without… (please insert any tech company). This proves how flexible and capable of development our health system is, department “Something with Computers”.

The subtext is clear: Everything’s fine. Please do not touch anything. Just keep funding the same.

To counter the cheap counter-attack with the necessary: Whoever has such a well-developed and well-funded health care network in his everyday life can easily stay cool even in pandemics. Of course. But we would fall into the trap mentioned above if we were to conclude that everything is already in order. As if all we had to do was pay a little better for nursing care and there it was, the prototype of a sustainable health system. It is not.

The real digitalisation of the healthcare industry is still in full swing. It goes way beyond fighting a single Corona family virus. Health is ripe for disruption. This will be a place not to think about Corona in the weeks ahead. Health is bigger.

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