Disappointment CES – the future of healthcare is out this year

Many colorful pictures, perfectly suitable for photo galleries on almost every news website. The CES in Las Vegas is a grateful media event. For years there has been no listing of gadgets and news without a “Health” section. But where is the promised future this year? The column often remains empty. Disappointment CES.

The BBC refers to Pillo, a likeable pill dispenser assistant for the home. But it’s already several years old. Otherwise BBC names technology for pain therapy, the effectiveness of which it directly denies.

Withings presents a device for – Attention! – measurement of blood pressure. The in-house communication department promises results on a clinical level. This is certainly practical, as is often the case with Withings, the design is pleasingly appealing and Withings received the CES Innovation Award for it. This in itself says a lot about the innovative power that this year’s CES will bring to the healthcare sector. Blood pressure! Next to it are smart watches. Genuine innovations. But I don’t want to do withings bashing. The company has successfully left the stopover at Nokia’s health unit behind. After all, they do show something.

The Stuttgarter Zeitung reads “CES in Las Vegas – Completely new perspectives in medicine” – but that was last year. This year, the topic is drowning behind autonomous vehicles, larger televisions and powerful mobile phones. There’s no question that none of the three is being played on for the first time, neither in Las Vegas nor elsewhere. Where is the impetus for the future of healthcare? Anyone who had expected the impetus to change the often cumbersome healthcare system from innovations on the consumer side (the author counts himself among them) can only hold true: Disappointment CES for the healthcare industry.

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