No cyborgs! Amazon positions itself

Andrew Bosworth, head of VR at Amazon, has made his view of the future of mankind transparent: “We don’t have any projects involving implants. We don’t build cyborgs.” Superpowers yes, but no cyborgs.


Like all major tech companies, Amazon is also working intensively on projects for the future of healthcare. Andrew Bosworth emphasizes the importance he attaches to expanding human vision. The priority of VR and AR technology is correspondingly high. In the current interview, Bosworth announces a pair of glasses that we can wear every day, using additional third party information. Amazon is committed to expanding human capabilities. But this expansion takes place outside the body. Amazon is thus positioning itself among those who are striving for a non-invasive human evolution.

GAFA goes Healthcare

No cyborgs, or just yet – the big tech groups are clearly working on their role in the healthcare of the future. The focal points are quite different. At Microsoft, health boss Simon Kos is driving the development in the direction of networking medicine and care. The company is striving for a central role in the classic medical sector and beyond. Simon Kos outlined the key points during his keynote speech at the 2b AHEAD Future Congress in Wolfsburg in June 2018. The video is available here.

Simon Kos, Microsoft, and Michael Carl, 2b AHEAD

Apple is focusing more on the development of its own technology. Cupertino is upgrading its staff and has just strengthened the functionalities of its own devices, above all the Apple Watch. Here, the already hermetically closed ecosystem is being expanded step by step, with a focus on the collection of vital data. The diagnosis being the expansion stage.


Google, on the other hand, has long since set an accent in medical-scientific research. The video with Andrew Conrad is legendary; targeted acquisitions expand the portfolio.


Elon Musk, who, strictly speaking, is not a member of the GAFA family, plays a remarkable role here. He obviously has nothing to do with a “no cyborgs”-claim. On the contrary, his impulses point strongly in the direction of digital armament for humans. He stresses at every opportunity that this is our only protection against the ever more powerful artificial intelligence. Only the intentional expansion of the human body will prevent us from becoming the cute domestic cat of artificial intelligence. I described the details and the state of development in detail in a trend analysis published here by 2b AHEAD last summer.


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